About Us

Real Music – Real People

SoundRevel have formed our vision through our own experiences of the music industry spanning the last 30 years. The changing and evolving music scene has brought forward many challenges for artists and DJs. Ever evolving and forward thinking our team has a vision of bringing the focus back, whilst moving forward. Real Music Real People is our tag line, this is about passion and artistry. We aim to ensure that the experiences we create are purposefully unique. Building a community that networks, collaborates and supports a scene that has talented individuals at its core. SoundRevel™ supporting Music, Artists, DJs, Producers and Music Media outlets with a vision to create an educational, inspirational and representational collective.

The Team

The team is open minded, inclusive and promotes an open forum for feedback and suggestions. We have both music industry and community backgrounds, bringing this together our underpinning ethos has people at the heart of everything we do.

Our Management Team

We have worked on this project for the last three years to ensure that it encapsulates our purpose. Building relationships was our foundation, as we know through previous experience of working within communities that people achieve more together. As DJs that have lived and worked through the changing music scenes in terms of promotional outlets, technology and culture, we believe the fundamental nature of music itself has not and should change; in its essence it is a gift that should be accessible to all.

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