Lyric City

To Raise Awareness for World Suicide Prevention and Mental Health

In the early summer of 2020, Sound Revel will be bringing you the freshest vibes and nostalgic verses…..

The thumping bass as always is your cue and the soulful sounds summon you. There’s elec-tri-city, the streets are spilling creativity; partying to the verses that will always be remembered, alongside vibes that reach new heights. Music lovers of the soul journey carving their identities throughout the city.
Ten hours of music that was born in the minds of our time, on street corners in bedrooms and the takeover of tucked away venues. Our DJ’s and curators of music will be taking you on a journey that spawned music revolutions….in the city that is lyrical.

Founded in 2019 to raise awareness for World Suicide Prevention and Mental Health.

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