DJ Aston

Dj Aston is today, at the forefront of the soulful house scene in the UK.  His journey began riding the wave of the music and party culture across Europe. Picture this….the hedonistic heat in Tenerife July 1991, an evolving club culture movement, Aston could be found creating the sounds pouring out onto the streets; enticing locals and tourists to come in and feel the party.
He was first seen moving crowds to eighties soul and disco music, a successful and sought after party vibe, creating an opportunity for Aston to secure a residency at Rah Rahs Nightclub.

Returning to the London club scene in October 1993, he soon became a well established DJ, holding residencies with some of the most significant clubs in London of their time.  The Ministry Of Sound, Legends, Limelight, and Emporium to name but a few.

His journey has crossed borders both musically and geographically. Aston has played to countries and crowds, including party people in Monaco, Thailand, Miami, Greece, and Morocco.

Tune in to the Aston vibe weekly – ‘Astons House’ on Centreforce Radio Monday 8pm – 10pm, a mastery of music for your ears showcasing his current journey with guest appearances from some the most crafted soulful house DJ’s and producers the UK has to offer; including Booker T, Sean McCabe, Groove Assassin, David Bailey, Ronnie Herel and more…plus guest mixes from the US with Jovonn, and David Harness.

DJ Aston is demand both independently and, in handing down a collective of knowledge, skills and love for music, to play alongside his 18 year old son Max Evans.
Dj Aston’s debut as a producer with his track L.O.V.E. Ft. Ms Swaby on Soundstate Records reached number 21 on the Soulful House Charts and Traxsource.
Keep an ear out for more of the Aston sound in his production on future tracks!

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