Wayne Pilgrim

Wayne Pilgrim brings a sound that depicts his own musical journey, which started with the groundbreaking, iconic 1982 film and LP “Wild style”.
This film was a foundational depiction of early Hip-Hop culture —and one of the first to engage cinematically with the lives and perspectives of the young people who fuelled its development.
Wayne’s hip hop selections are heavily influenced by DJ CASHMONEY an American turntablist and hip hop artist, who played alongside DJ Jazzy Jeff as ‘The Kings of Spin’ in the early 1980’s.
His UK Hip Hop selections cruise through electro and dance sounds including tracks from artists and groups such as; Task Force, Young Guns, Rodney P & Skits, Skinny Man and Foreign Beggars.

As a DJ he started playing in the height of the Acid Jazz era and held residencies at two major student night venues, The Light Bra and The Dorchester, spinning acid jazz hip hop
neo soul, trip hop, broken beats, funk, dub and reggae.

His residencies in the 90’s extended to ‘The Beach’ a major venue of the Home Counties and he could be heard playing to crowds on a Friday night at its predecessor ‘Legends nightclub’.

A multi-genre DJ, Wayne’s head was turned to the early sounds of House music by Marshall Jefferson in the mid 80’s. The House music journey has been prevalent since, and Wayne’s selections create a vibe that incorporates soulful and Latin House with a jazzy influence.
Drum patterns and afro beats are the vibes that pulsate through the party and play a key role in his sets.
In more recent years he could be heard as part of a House music collective on Luton Urban Radio and Harbour Radio.

Reigniting his DJ journey, Wayne has been booked to play at “The Out There Festival” and is an integral part of the team at “Sound Suite Festival” in SARDINIA.

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